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The School of Vocational Education and Training aims at providing education and training for skills development and to meet the vocational as well as technical requirements for economic development of the country. Demand driven and value added courses/programmes offered through the School, targeting the formal and informal sectors. The School develops courses that encourage vertical mobility of Vocational Education and Training. Research is another priority area for identifying societal and industrial needs.


  1. B.VOC Retail Management
  2. B. VOC Renewable Energy Technology and Management
  3. PG Diploma in Rural Development
  4. Diploma in Naturopathy
  5. Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training
  6. Certificate in Legal Awareness

The School of Business and Management Studies has been established to provide developmental avenue for working personnel and professionals for acquiring management qualifications to upgrade and refine their managerial skills, capabilities, and orientation. The School aims to impart lifelong learning opportunities to the learners in the specific domains like leadership, entrepreneurial skills, and professional competence. The Programmes offered by the School are useful and geared to fulfill identified gaps in the corporate and business world.


  1. B.COM
  2. M.COM
  3. PG Diploma in Management
  4. PG Diploma in HR
  5. Diploma in Management
  6. Diploma in Banking and Insurance
  7. Diploma in Project Management
  8. Diploma in Marketing Management
  9. Diploma in Rural Management
  10. Certificate in e- Commerce

The School of Journalism & Mass Communication Studies aspires to prepare a new generation of media and communication professionals, teachers and researchers with a holistic understanding of media as a tool of change for national development and global understanding. It offer innovative academic programmes in Journalism & Mass Communication to set benchmarks in teaching and education at the national level. It aims to develop quality learning materials and prepare human resource equipped with knowledge, skills and critical thinking. It strives to promote excellence in research to contribute to the scholarship in the discipline. It addresses the emergent needs of the discipline of Journalism & Mass Communication in India and aims to develop human resource through the medium of education.


  1. BA in Journalism
  2. MA Journalism
  3. Certificate in Mass Communication
  4. Certificate in Media Management

The School of Computer and Information Sciences was established to provide innovative and high quality computer science education at the doorsteps of learners with learner-centric approach exploiting the state of art Information and Communication Technologies. It provide access to higher education opportunities in computer science courses that enable students to develop theoretical, practical knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professionals goals, improve the productivity of their organizations and provide valuable and creative contribution to the society.


  1. BCA
  2. Master in Computer Application
  3. Diploma in Computer Application
  4. PG Diploma in IT
  5. PG Diploma in Computer application

The School of Social Work aims at providing quality education in the areas of Social Work, counseling, tribal studies and family studies by offering programmes.It offers social work programmes to in-service learners and engages a large number of practitioners for field work supervision. To provide quality education through open and distance learning using multi-pronged strategies and services to reach the unreached with an emphasis on social work values and ethics whereby improving the services in social welfare sectors.


  1. B.S.W.
  2. M.S.W.
  3. Certificate in Social work
  4. Diploma in Social work
  5. PG Diploma in Social PG Diploma in Social work

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences offers academic programmes. The courses having core, elective and skill/ability enhancing components,short-term and long-term courses focused on vocational and professional needs and courses geared to meet the requirements of groups located on the fringes of society. It undertakes training programmes in the areas of concern to society with a social science perspective. Social Change and Development housed in the School are focused on giving a purposeful orientation to Social Sciences. The faculty in the School has made a mark by undertaking research in their fields that has been reported in publications of repute.


  1. B.A.
  2. M.A. in Hindi
  3. M.A. in Eng.
  4. M.A. in Pol. Sci.
  5. M.A in History

The School of Sciences and Technology impart good quality theoretical and practical education in four science disciplines, namely, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Life Sciences. The School Plan, develop and offer academic programmes at the certificate, diploma, PG Diploma level and encourage research in discipline-based as well as systemic areas.


  1. B.Sc. in  P.C.M 
  2. Diploma in GIS
  3. Certificate in Amanat and Surveying
  4. PG Diploma in Applied Science
  5. PG Diploma in Applied Geology
  6. PG Diploma in Environmental Science

The School of Tribal Studies focuses on the diverse aspects of the tribal communities in India The course has been designed in accordance with the contemporary developments that it covers almost all the aspects tribal life.This course also emphasizes on different problems encountered by the tribal communities such as health, education, land alienation, economic problems, naxalism etc. It cover tribal folklore, folktales, myths, legends, customs, traditions, rituals, tribal art and aesthetics,life cycle rituals as well as customary law.


  1. BA in Tribal and Regional
  2. MA in Tribal and Regional Languages
  3. Diploma in Regional Language
  4. Diploma in Urdu Language

Note: Some of the courses are in approval stage

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