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The Jharkhand State Open University, Ranchi has been established by the State Government of Jharkhand under the Jharkhand State Open University Act, 2021 (Jharkhand Act, 12, 2021) duly enacted by the Legislature of the State of Jharkhand and approved by the Hon'ble Governor, Jharkhand on 02.11.2021 for the introduction and promotion of Open University and distance education system in the educational pattern of the Jharkhand State and to provide educational opportunities to those who are unable to go in formal education and wish to upgrade their education or acquire knowledge and studies in various fields through the distance mode of education, such as, the Print-medium (correspondence courses), contact programmes, study centres and mass media and to provide access to higher education to large segments of the population and in particular the disadvantaged groups, such as, those living in remote and rural and tribal areas including working people, housewives and other adults who wish to upgrade or acquire knowledge through studies in various fields and to offer them Degree, Diploma and Certificate programme/courses and to make provision for research for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge.

The Jurisdiction of the University shall extend over the State of Jharkhand for the purpose of imparting instructions and training through any means of communication such as broadcasting, telecasting, correspondence, seminars counselling classes, online classes or the combination of any two or more of such means.

The University shall focus on education, research and training by diversity means of distance and continuing education including the use of new educational technology available to common man at the affordable cost. All Norms and Regulations prescribed by statutory bodies like-UGC, AICTE, NCTE, BCI, DEB, and MCI etc. shall be strictly followed in offering academic program by the Jharkhand State Open University.

The headquarters of the University shall be located at Ranchi(Jharkhand), To fulfill its mandate the Open University shall establish Regional Centers and Study Centers in different parts of the State by using the existing infrastructure of Government/Constituent/Affiliated Colleges and other institution of higher studies.

Study Programmes of the Jharkhand State Open University are selective and customized to meet the learning requirements of knowledge seekers as well as to ensure that they learn at their own pace and convenience. Within the financial means of University, due care has been taken to keep the cost of education low so that educationally backward sections can take advantage of University's programmes through ODL mode. Keeping this goal in view, the Jharkhand State Open University has made concerted efforts to offer professional and job oriented courses with regular updates of curriculum and study material and introduction of tools of Information Technology.

Jharkhand State Open University has been contributing to the development and training of qualified human resource capital for the state. Jharkhand State Open University has also signed Memorandum of Understanding with several leading research institutes, companies and professional bodies for training of the staffs, faculty & students.

Jharkhand State Open University has been offering many courses through (Open and Distance Learning) mode of education. For all these courses there are strong in-house capabilities which are available to students all the time.

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